Versatile Smile Restoration

Porcelain veneers are the most durable and long-lasting way to restore your smile and correct cosmetic problems with your teeth. With a set of veneers, you can completely transform your smile, feel more confident, and love the way you look. Contact Glen Lake Family Dentistry today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Alex Scott or Dr. Gregg Olson. You can explore all of your options, and see if veneers are right for you.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin, tooth-shaped shells of porcelain. These ceramic shells are built to fit over your natural teeth, and help cover up flaws like stains, chips, and more. They are usually only applied to the front teeth.

Because veneers are made out of a ceramic material, they can’t become stained. They also match the color and shape of natural teeth perfectly. Your veneers will be indistinguishable from real teeth. Veneers also require minimal care, and have a longer lifespan compared to other cosmetic treatments like dental bonding.



Are Veneers Permanent?

Yes. Veneers are considered to be a permanent, irreversible procedure. This is because a thin layer of enamel must be removed from each tooth that’s getting a veneer. This is done to make room for the veneers, and ensure they don’t add bulk to your teeth. This process is not reversible. While your teeth will be just as strong once you get your veneers, they would be significantly weaker if you ever had your veneers removed. This means that you will need to keep your veneers for the rest of your life.

Am I A Good Candidate For Veneers?

This depends on your oral health, budget, and a few other factors. In general, you are a good candidate for veneers if you have cosmetic problems with your teeth, but your mouth is free of serious oral health problems and orthodontic issues. To learn more and explore your options for restoring your smile, we recommend coming into your Minnetonka dentist for a consultation with Dr. Scott or Dr. Olson.

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