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Reasons You Need Regular Visits to the Dentist

Visiting the dentist may not be the appointment that everybody looks forward to, but it is amongst the most important ones to keep. If you are thinking about skipping a dental checkup because of cost or time or anxiety, make a point to think about the repercussions. Here are some reasons to convince you to make that regular visit to the dentist.

1. Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is an extremely serious disease that manifests itself in various ways. Without knowing the signs of its early onset, oral cancer is often not diagnosed and can quickly progress and become life-threatening But thankfully, an early stage oral cancer diagnosis is often easily treatable.

2. Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities

Even with the most diligent daily brushers and flossers, there are still small areas in the mouth that are missed by a regular brushing and flossing. When plaque builds up it becomes more difficult to remove, solidifying and turning into tartar, which is extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help.

Regular dental cleanings keep tartar from disintegrating teeth or making gaps in them, which is the way pits are made. Pits seldom give any signs as they form. You should visit the dentist to have pits, cavities and other tooth issues filled and settled. A regular cleaning appointment is likewise more economical than getting a filling, so if you’re tight on money you should make a point not to miss the cleanings!

3. Gum Disease

Plaque and tartar buildup not only cause tooth decay but can also erode the mouth’s gum tissues. This happens when tartar buildup causes an infection where the gum is connected to the tooth, making the gum pull away from the tooth. This infection is known as gingivitis and as it progresses the tissue that attaches gums to the teeth breaks down. Gums disease treatment can burn a hole in your pocket. To keep your gums and pocket in good shape, make sure to not miss your appointment with the dentist.

4. Discover Problems Under the Surface With X-Rays

A crucial part of visiting your dentist every six months is getting your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed. X-ray images allow dental professionals to see what is happening beneath the surfaces of your mouth and can find and diagnose issues that may be invisible to the naked eye. Problems like this can include impacted teeth, which are growing teeth that are blocked from pushing through the gum line, as often seen in wisdom teeth.

Particularly with dangerous maladies that show practically no side effects but advance rapidly, regular x-rays and checkups are the most ideal approach to watch over them.


Skipping dental appointments may not appear like a big deal at first. However, oral issues can develop and advance to a great degree rapidly regardless of whether you notice them. By keeping on top of your dental cleanings and checkups you’re doing yourself a big favor in the long run. Book your dental appointment now with Glen Lake Family Dentistry and ensure your dental well-being.

Glen Lake — August, 25 2018

Teeth Whitening Precautions

Teeth whitening is one of the largest growing cosmetic procedures industry in the US. But, there are some things your dentist wants you to know when it comes to teeth whitening procedures.

1. Think about the safety of teeth whitening treatment

Products bought online or over-the-counter can pose dangers to our health, especially if you don’t know whether the level of bleach they contain. Likewise, whitening treatments performed in unregistered beauty salons or shops can also be risky. Therefore it’s important to remember that only registered dentists can carry out teeth whitening.

2. Teeth whitening is reasonable for all, aside from these few…

For most individuals, teeth whitening can work extremely well and the outcomes will be significant. Be that as it may, there are a few occasions where patients aren’t fit for treatment. For instance, those who have dental restorations such as crowns or bridges; porcelain veneers; cosmetic bonding or tooth-colored fillings will find that the bleaching agents won’t work on all their teeth.

3. Teeth whitening results can last for up to 3 years

The impacts of whitening can last up to three years. Be that as it may, this will differ from individual to individual. The results will last long as long as you don’t smoke or eat or drink things that can stain your teeth. It is likewise essential for a patient to brush and floss routinely, to keep up a decent oral hygiene and a more white shade.

4. Avoid certain foods and beverages

The biggest culprits for teeth staining are dark beverages, for example, tea and coffee and red wine. Drinking several cups of black tea or coffee per day might cause the chemicals contained in those beverages to turn your teeth yellowish, or a darker shade. Red wine is staining because of the dark purple colors found in the grapes used for its production.

When it comes to staining factors, cigarettes are most certainly one of the worst. Tobacco is highly staining and the number of cigarettes smokers have every day cause their teeth to be continually exposed to the staining process.

Dark colored carbonated beverages additionally represent a hazard to the color of our teeth. The food coloring contained in these items can have a noteworthy staining impact.

Drinking tea, coffee or other dark drinks through a straw works as it may help to reduce the time that your teeth are in contact with these beverages, meaning they should be less likely to stain. Although this is not a fool-proof solution and ideally you should aim to reduce your consumption overall.

5. Flossing is imperative

Following a whitening treatment, people should avoid dark-colored foods and beverages for at least 48 hours after the procedure. These include coffee, tea, red wine, pasta sauce, etc. The enamel remains porous for this period of time making it easy for the above-mentioned items to penetrate the outer surface of enamel and stain your teeth.

It is also essential to practice excellent oral hygiene – this includes, not only brushing but also flossing, after meals and before bedtime.

If you are looking for teeth whitening from trusted and experienced dentists, visit the Glen Lake Family Dentistry.

Glen Lake — August, 24 2018

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