Pediatric Dentistry In Minnetonka, MN

Keeping Little Smiles Healthy

Did you know that kids should visit the dentist for the first time when they're one year old or when they get their first tooth? Contact Glen Lake Family Dentistry today to get the expert dental care your children need. We’re always accepting new patients, and Dr. Alex Scott and Dr. Greg Olson are looking forward to meeting you and your family.

Pediatric Cleanings & Exams

Pediatric cleanings and exams are at the heart of pediatric dentistry. You should bring your child into our office for a checkup every six months. Our team will start by cleaning their teeth and gums. As a part of every cleaning, we also provide fluoride treatments; fluoride is a vital part of preventing decay and keeping your little one's smile healthy and bright. We also may recommend x-rays for older kids.

Then, Dr. Scott or Dr. Olson will perform an oral exam and review your child’s x-rays to look for hidden oral health issues. If everything looks good, you’ll simply schedule their next six-month checkup. But if we’ve noticed an issue, we’ll discuss a treatment plan. Our team will make sure they get the necessary follow-up care your little one needs to restore their oral health.

Composite Dental Fillings

Cavities are really common in kids. By the age of 11, around 42% of children have had at least one cavity. Composite dental fillings from Glen Lake Family Dentistry are the best way to treat cavities, restore your child’s tooth, and prevent further tooth decay.

Composite dental fillings use a blend of dental resin and other materials. They are strong and durable, and match the color of your child’s tooth perfectly. After they get a composite filling from Dr. Scott or Dr. Olson, your little one’s smile will look and function as good as new!

Why Should My Child See The Dentist?

The Importance Of Pediatric Dental Care

Check Oral Development

Your child’s mouth goes through many changes over the years as their baby teeth erupt, fall out, and are replaced by adult teeth. Seeing a Minnetonka dentist regularly throughout their childhoods means that you can check on their oral development, and make sure everything is proceeding normally.

Avoid Common Oral Health Issues

Cavities are common in children, and kids can be affected by other oral health issues like gum disease, too. Frequent checkups mean your child is more likely to get a clean bill of health at every visit. And if we notice an issue, Dr. Scott or Dr. Olson can recommend the right treatment to take care of it ASAP.

Improve Oral Hygiene

Seeing a dentist frequently helps kids learn more about oral health, how to care for their mouths, and how to brush their teeth at home. With frequent visits to the dentist, you can make sure your child develops good oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime.

Build A Positive relationship with dentistry

If you bring your child to the dentist regularly from a young age, they're more likely to feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. They’ll develop a more positive, healthy relationship with dental care, which will help improve their oral health in the long run.

Save Time & Money

Checkups allow us to catch potential oral health problems early at Glen Lake Family Dentistry. That means you can spend less time at the dentist and spend less money on treatments like dental fillings for cavities.

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